Onesies to promote your company

Onesies to promote your company or event

A couple of weeks ago we mentioned that an American company had got into trouble for producing baby onesies with inappropriate slogans printed on them. NYU Student News website picked up a similar story this week when one of their contributors snapped a photo in the New York University book shop of an “I hate my thighs” onesie right next to an “I’m super” onesie, for girls and boys respectively. He promptly posted it to Facebook. Within minutes of the post, the NYU community, including several student and alumni groups, took to social media to express their outrage over the onesies and the different treatment of girl and boys babies. In fewer than eight hours, the shop had removed the offending onesie from its shelves.

Shocking perhaps that a liberal university had stocked the item in the first place, especially a university so renowned for its acceptance and diversity. This is the same Wry Baby onesie that made international headlines two weeks ago for body-shaming baby girls. This incident prompted another round of attention for the already highly-controversial brand because of the contrast between the girls’ body shaming onesie and the boys’ “I’m super” onesie. They know how to use onesies to promote their brand.

In the same week, Business Insider tells us that Uber, the online taxi management service, has a policy for when babies are born in the back of its vehicles. Customers whose new born babies enter the world in the back of an Uber cab are given an “Uber Rider Onesie,” while the driver is given tickets to a sports event and have their cars cleaned for free. On an online discussion board for drivers and employees, one USA Uber driver wrote, “It’s standard practice in NYC. If we hear of a baby born in a car or someone requesting an Uber to get to the hospital and give birth, they’ll get a onesie.

Putting these stories together shows the value of onesies to promote a growing business. How about if we create an offensive onesie and give them away free to people who are sick in the back of an Uber cab? Imagine the free promotion we would get. Now we just need to think up some suitably offensive slogan: Its All Over Uber. Any better ideas?