Onesies UK – Full Range from Funzee

What are Onesies?

Onesies were a craze last year in the UK, but they are here to stay! The romper suit called a onesie is a soft one piece suit which babies spend all day and all night in. Its the cosiest garment imaginable so just imagine if you scaled it up – a fun adult onesie – our funzee (see what we did there, a fun onesie?) is a grown-up version. Made from 100% cool cotton or warm polar fleece, these make great onesie pyjamas but are also fun for lounging or partying. They come in various sizes – don’t believe it if it says one size fits all. So we have adult onesies in XS (extra small) to XXL (extra, extra Large).

Who wears Onesies?

The short answer is the whole world. Well, not really and especially not in hot countries but its gone from being a baby product to a mainstream adult garment sold by the tens of thousands by the likes of Matalan, Primark and Asda. The onesie boom has hit the UK, Scandinavia, Australia and is coming to a country near you shortly. This site is for onesies UK but we also sell internationally. We have a funzee onesie design for nearly everyone. Funzees are often used in fund raising events such as “Wear your Onesie to work day”. Now in various colours and designs with more being introduced every season, just visit our Funzee Range to browse our current styles and let us know what new designs you would like to see.  If its a onesie with feet you want, we have them, or an unhooded onesie – we have those, even one with a Butt or Bum flap. In natural cotton or warm polar fleece we have the right onesie for you.

You may have seen adult onesies on your favourite shows like Scrubs or Friends. JD had one (Scrubs) and Peter Griffin had to find one (Family Guy). Our UK Onesies have even become fashionable appearing on the catwalk as well as in the press and on TV. Believe it or not, there are designer onesies worn by celebrities out there which cost upwards of £200 each. If you are looking for a garment that you can spend hundreds of pounds on and will make you look like Kim Kardashian then our onesies are probably not for you. Our funzee range is designed for fun and comfort. But they are good quality products at a sensible price. Our fleece onesies start at just £19.95 and we have 100% cotton adult onesies also from an amazing £19.95.

We spend the early part of our life in a onesie because they are so practical and cosy. Then someone says, “that is too practical and cosy” and takes it away, even though its the most comfortable and versatile garment you can think of. So we are bringing the onesie back into the reach of everyone. Start a collection, Monday onesie, Tuesday onesie… Look at Coming Soon and give us your idea for new styles. We try and bring out new designs every year to reflect your most popular suggestions

Go to How to Choose to learn more about our adult onesies and which one is the best for you or to buy as a gift. Here is a short video so you can see our funzee onesies actually being worn.

Browse through our Funzee Range; we have a onesie to suit most tastes and ages, and you can also see the funzee onesie styles that have been retired and vote to bring back your favourite onesie.

Funzee has been designing and selling onesies UK since 2008. Our full range  is only available in the UK from this website. We don’t make onesies for anyone else. To buy one go to Buy Now and it will be with you in a few days. We normally despatch next day from our warehouse in the UK.