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Onesies - fun garments

When we started making adult onesies 6 years ago, they were a niche, fun product which students might buy on-line for lounging around in. Then they went mainstream and sold in their millions when the major retailers like Primark and Tesco realised that demand was growing from all age groups. But sometimes people confuse the adult onesie, a fun garment not to be taken seriously, with the original baby onesie which is a practical and simple way of keeping babies clean and warm. It’s not really appropriate to put adult slogans on a baby onesie. At least, Ms. Magazine editor Michele Kort thought so when she recently discovered a sleepsuit printed with the phrase, “I hate my thighs”.  Made by US Company Wry Baby, the onesie was (it’s been withdrawn) part of the company’s range of amusing and ironic baby clothes. But Kort felt this was a bad start for womens’ self-image. The Wry Baby website deems this “a tiny statement.” Their snapsuit at least comes in purple — a neutral colour in the rigid boy-girl binary — but does anyone think this is designed for a boy? Wry Baby responded to Kort’s social media criticism by asking its customers which of two snapsuits (the company’s own name for its onesies) people preferred: “I hate my thighs” or “love me for my leg rolls,” an older snapsuit from the company’s archives. Voters picked “love me for my leg rolls,” and that replaced “I hate my thighs” in the shop. “The intention of the joke was aimed at adults,” Wry Baby co-founder Kellie said, “because babies can’t read. We wanted to poke fun at how obsessed we are with beauty ideals. What woman hasn’t said, ‘I hate my thighs’? Babies are born perfect, no matter what size they are, so seeing it on a snapsuit makes the statement ridiculous.” We like ridiculous onesies, after all these fun garments were popularised on TV shows like Family Guy and Scrubs, but is it fair to put slogans on those too young to see the joke?