Hooded Onesie Pyjama Suits for Adults

Hooded onesies for men & women

We have been selling adult onesie pyjamas since 2008 so we know that our customers are all different and want a wide choice of styles. From customer feedback we have learned that most of you like the extra warmth and comfort of hooded pyjama suits. That’s why all our our standard designs are hooded pyjama suits. But don’t just think of these as sleepwear. Our one piece suits are used in a wide range of circumstances and for many occasions. Obviously they are big at Christmas and Halloween but you can also use them at parties, outdoor events or just as lounge wear to change into after a hard day at work. So if you are thinking of wearing your funzee outside or if you are just feeling the cold then a hood can make you feel extra cozy. Our hoods are soft and shouldn’t get in the way when folded down but if you prefer unhooded for sleeping in then we have some of those as well. And in our range you will also find a choice of unfooted or footed pyjamas and some with a butt flap or drop seat. If you want hooded animal onesies with have those too and for those who want a matching hooded gown to wrap up in, we offer fleece gowns in Jet Black and Wizard design.