Run up to Christmas giving was not trouble free

Trouble in the run up to Christmas giving

In the run up to Christmas giving did you have a trouble free time? Not everyone did as these stories show. Jewellery brand Pandora had to remove one of its adverts which asked whether women would rather be given an apron or a bracelet for Christmas. This caused some controversy on social media with the Danish company being accused of sexism.  The campaign was not introduced in the UK, where women no longer have irons on their Christmas wish lists, but was unveiled on billboards at Milan’s metro stations in the weekend before Christmas. It targeted shoppers buying for their wives, girlfriends, sisters etc in the land of Berlusconi, and the advert simply asked: ‘An iron, pyjamas, an apron, a Pandora bracelet. What do you think would make her happy?’ Answers on a Christmas card please – and I don’t think you want to know what they have planned for their Valentine Day slogan.

Burgess Hill is a quiet little town in West Sussex but in the run up to Christmas giving it was “swamped” by revellers.  Reports from local residents were of hundreds of teenage revellers carrying bottles of alcohol and even wearing pyjamas being turned away by police. In a throwback to the 1980s, an industrial estate in the town was the venue for an illegal rave. Locals took to social media to complain about the noise with one writing, “At least 20 police cars plus a few meat wagons in Burgess Hill tonight; an industrial estate blocked off due to an illegal rave going down”. Presumably the police had their Audi Quattros hidden round the corner.

And an unlucky thief had his Christmas spoiled by being convicted in Bristol recently. What has that got to do with us you wonder. The lad who stole a supermarket van was caught because of his Christmas onesie. After a dramatic car chase he was caught because the outfit was so bright it was spotted from a police helicopter. And you thought your run up to Christmas giving was stressful. More on Christmas onesies and pyjamas coming soon as we see which slebs have been posting pictures of their gifts.