Vote Onesie in the General Election

Vote Onesie at the General Election

Sky News reports that Ed Miliband was mobbed by a hen party whilst using his battle bus to drum up support for Labour in the forthcoming UK election. The shock encounter with actual female voters happened when the bus stopped at a hotel on the way back to London. The Labour leader and his campaign team had parked outside after he had delivered a speech on immigration policy when their bus was surrounded by around 25 women on a hen night. The women had been staying at the hotel and once they found out who was on the bus, they persuaded the Labour team to let the “hen” on board for a one-to-one with Mr Miliband. The hen, who is a lawyer, admitted that she will be voting Labour on 7 May. Nicola Braithwaite told BuzzFeed News: “Ed has definitely got my vote, but he already had it anyway.”

After she emerged the rest of her party tried to get in on the act with a chant of “Ed, Ed, Ed”. Of course no politician can resist a supporter so Mr Miliband emerged on the steps of the vehicle to greet the group. He dished out a couple of high-fives and remained, smiling, on the steps while the women chanted “selfie, selfie, selfie” and whipped out their mobile phones for a picture “with” the Labour leader.

Mr Miliband retreated into the bus unscathed leaving the women laughing over the pictures they had managed to bag which of course quickly trended on Twitter. The moment was caught on film by local journalists from the Chester Chronicle. The Labour leader had given a speech earlier in Wirral in which he said all immigrants coming to live in the UK should be able to speak English. Don’t you love politicians who state what should happen and what should be? We should all live happily ever after – that’s the only official policy of the funzee Vote Onesie party.

But this episode got us thinking. If you are a coalition supporter you can wear our Royal funzee which is half Conservative Blue and half Lib Dem Yellow and vote Onesie on May 7th. For UKippers we have purple Wizard funzee. And anyone planning to ambush Ed Miliband for a selfie can improve their chance by wearing our all red festive funzee.