Butt Flap Onesie – Have we cracked it?

New Butt Flap Onesie design available

We know that many of you are interested in a onesie with a rear flap – butt flap onesie as the Americans call it. We assume this is to facilitate one’s toilette should you awaken on a cold winter night in need of relief. It can be a little chilly if you have to unzip and take down the top half of your onesie. So we have tried in the past to create a practical solution but believe it or not it’s not so simple. Here is a little potted history of our attempts at a butt flap onesie. We originally tried poppers but the cotton fabric around the popper gets stretched and torn. We tried a horizontal rear zip but that was quite uncomfortable to sleep on. Then we thought soft buttons might do the trick but the flap between the buttons sagged and let in the cold. So now we have a new Butt Flap Onesie design. We don’t expect to win a Nobel Prize but we think it’s a good solution. Basically it has a long 2 way zip which runs from the neck, all the way down the front, around the crotch and up the back. So you can open it from the back, creating the necessary gap but leaving the top of the onesie in place to hold in the warmth. We are trialling this design on our Zooland funzee. This is 100% cotton with a penguin print on sky blue background and is made in Portugal. It now comes in footed or unfooted variations and the footed variation can include this Butt Flap or not. All the variations are unhooded as this seems to be best for sleepwear. So go on, throw caution to the wind and try our new Butt Flap onesie. If we get positive feedback we will offer this option on more styles in 2019.