One day we’ll all be wearing all in one pyjamas

Recently we have seen several reports in the media about how the wearing of pyjamas or pyjama inspired fashion has become acceptable. This is being driven by various trends and suggests that one day we may all be wearing all in one pyjamas.

The Pyjama look in fashion:

We have seen designers like Stella McCartney embrace the pyjama look, and celebrities like Salma Hayek and Cheryl Cole have been photographed in public wearing what look like (very expensive) pyjamas.

Pyjamas in Public:

Maybe because they have seen celebrities do it, there have been many examples of ordinary people wearing their pyjamas out in public. One Tesco store had to ban customers wearing pyjamas whilst a magistrate complained about a defendant appearing in court in pyjamas. You have heard of “yummy mummy” well now we also have the phenomenon of the “slummy mummy” seen in the playground or driving their kids to school in their nightwear.

Working in Pyjamas:

Home working is on the increase, thanks to that new interweb thingy and other technologies. Many home workers are proud of the fact that they get up, then work all day on the computer in their pyjamas, then presumably go back to bed.

Pyjama Parties and Sleepovers:

These events are becoming popular for groups to get together, sometimes for charity fundraising but also just for friends to enjoy each others company. If everyone wears pyjamas there is no need to dress up or feel that you have to wear the latest fashion and of course wearing pyjamas makes you feel like you are relaxed.

Onesie All in One Pyjamas:

These all in one pyjamas have become a surprise hit with adults. Based on the one piece romper suit, there are now many styles and designs suitable for loungewear or nightwear but also for festivals and parties.

What is driving all these trends is the demand for comfortable, informal, any occasion clothing. Instead of having to worry about an outfit for each occasion or each season you just need to put on your onesie all in one pyjamas. And wouldn’t it make packing simpler? Maybe pyjamas are the new “jeans and T shirt”. Do you recall those sci-fi films or TV series set in the future (think Star Trek, Blakes 7)? It seems that allinone pyjamas or onesie jumpsuits were often seen as the uniform of the future. So the future of fashion has arrived – and its a onesie.