Onesies Love them or Hate them

No Onesies Love at the Natural History Museum

More evidence that the world can be divided into those who show Onesies love and those who don’t get it. On the positive side celebrity fashion designer, Stella McCartney remains a fan. She and Adidas are celebrating their 10th anniversary together and have enjoyed much success with their multi-season athletic-wear collaboration. This currently includes snazzy jogging pants and workout clothes but the designer is now launching “StellaSport”, targeting a younger customer. This range is specifically aimed at “action girls” between the ages of 17 and 19 and includes adult onesies.

But then the Daily Mail reports that when a teenage couple from Swindon donned dinosaur and Pokemon onesies for a visit to the Natural History Museum in London they were told they would have to change before they were allowed in.

Staff told the couple to remove the costumes as they made their way into the museum because visitors in fancy dress had caused problems in the past. The couple complained ‘They made us stand there, in front of everyone, we felt like we had done something really, really wrong…Then they took our onesies from us and put them behind the desk, giving us this ticket we could use to collect them when we were done at the museum at the end of the day. All for an item of clothing which they sell in their own shop. It was very strange, they didn’t have any signs, I checked the website when I got back to see if I’d missed something. There was nothing about any other forms of clothing on it, it just said you could take anything as long as it was not threatening.’

A spokesman for the museum said there was no particular dress code for entry to the museum, but the duty manager has responsibility for deciding who is allowed inside. He said: ‘We have in the past had visitors in costumes cause disturbances in the building, which affected other people’s experience at the museum.” So if you want to show onesies love, don’t wear a dinosaur one to view dinosaur bones. This sad episode also prompted the Daily Telegraph to take a look at other dress code blunders.

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