Funzoos – animal costumes including Unicorn Animal Onesie

Unicorn Animal Onesie - Celebrity Onesie Fans

Style News reported this week that Ariana Grande was spotted wearing a Unicorn Animal Onesie as flight clothing. Grande was photographed after she landed in Toyko in a pink fleece animal onesie. She wore it with the hood pushed back so you couldn’t see the cute unicorn horn, and so she could be better photographed presumably. She is not the first celebrity to show off their animal onesies. We know “it” model and actress Cara Delevingne is a fan and earlier this year we saw Miley Cyrus sporting a Unicorn Animal Onesie with her friend Ariana.

We started designing onesies in 2008 and our goal was to create a fun, comfortable adult version of the baby romper we all know and love. But as we saw the popularity of animal costumes increase we decided to offer these too. We thought Funzee should create Funzoos, a range of animal onesies and we would let customer feedback determine how extensive that range should be. We are starting with Unicorn Animal Onesie, in both Blue and Pink, Lemur and Chipmunk which are both really soft and cute, Giraffe to make you stand out in the crowd and a black and white cow. If people ask us, there are many more styles we could offer so if you have ever wanted to be a fish, seal, lobster, horse etc. please let us know.

These kind of animal suits have been around in Japan for over 25 years where they are known as Kigurumi. It has a massive cult following over there based on Japanese folklore, dressing up as an animal is part of the culture. Within manga and anime (Japanese cartoons) you often see people wearing animal skins. In Japan, people are more into dressing like characters they know but here in the UK people seem to prefer animals. In the UK (and Australia where the craze is also big) we consider them more like party costumes than sleepwear. Some come with soft tails of horns which might make them a little difficult to sleep in. And they are made from fleece which is hard wearing and very warm, so great for outdoor wear.  They are best for attracting attention at charity fundraisers and you won’t see a summer music festival without groups wearing their favourite animal onesies. There are plenty of You Tube videos showing users in animal onesies. But remember, as we reported earlier in the year, there are some places where it is considered inappropriate to wear our animal costumes.