Future of Onesies – its Chic and Hi Tech

Future of onesies is chic

After last week’s shock revelation that Katie Price would never wear a onesie again, we have more positive news about the future of onesies. Raf Simons showed onesies on the Dior catwalk in Paris on Monday. Yes onesies that cost an arm and a leg. The all-in-ones in question were the sort that might previously have been referred to as catsuits; skin tight, and in swirls of bright colour that gave them a distinctly retro feel as you can see in the picture. Looks a bit like the sort of thing you might wear in a cycling team or coming down a bob sleigh run.

Then comes Style Blue Print website offering tips on how to wear our favourite garment, although they couldn’t quite bring themselves to call it a onesie and refer to it as a jumpsuit: “Call me a crazy fashion pundit, but you might be looking at the jumpsuit all wrong. Adjust your one-piece, one-track mind and ban any thoughts of baby onesies or drop-crotch, flammable-fabric jumpsuits. The jumpsuit in your future can be flattering and versatile.” They then go on to give advice on how to wear it including “Keep the top and bottom monochromatic”, and “If you are long-waisted, look for jumpsuits that have a blouson top with an elastic waist.” No we have no idea either.

And how about this for an exciting future of onesies? Tech Crunch website reports that a Boston-based start up founded by a group of MIT alums and dropouts is taking advantage of the convergence of mobile, Internet of Things, and cloud computing to produce products for a 21st century nursery. Rest Devices, have developed their first product, called the “Mimo”, and its a onesie for babies that includes sensors for monitoring a baby’s respiration, pressure, moisture and temperature. That data is transmitted from the sensors to a base station nearby and ultimately into the cloud, where it can be viewed on any mobile device, as well as shared between parents and caregivers. Surely only a matter of time before this technology is incorporated in to adult onesies so our sleep patterns can be monitored and improved.