Catch up on July pyjama news

July pyjama news features Devizes station

Here is a quick round up of July pyjama news which caught our eye. You may recall that earlier in the year we brought you reports of Hi-tech sleepwear from US company Under Armour. They were designed with American football star Tom Brady to help maximise performance and maybe there is something in it because Jordan Spieth, who has just won the Golf Open at Royal Birkdale, is a wearer. Just before the championship Spieth posted an image on Instagram revealing he’d slept well on the transatlantic flight over from America because he’d worn the Under Armour pyjama. Did they get that name because it rhymes? Anyway, no lesser person that the King also featured in July pyjama news when a pair of his PJs sold at auction for £8,000. The green pyjamas were worn by Elvis during a stay at the Baptist Memorial Hospital, Memphis, in 1977. His first agency music contract sold for an amazing £37,000 to a British collector; it was signed on 31 January 1956, the day after the singer recorded Blue Suede Shoes. The auctioneer said, “The prices achieved reflect the continuing interest in the King of Rock and Roll.” However we also like the fact that at the same auction a sign from Devizes signal box sold for £3,000 – now that’s rock and rolling stock. Unexpected July pyjama news comes from social media. We highlighted the power of viral marketing in a recent post and from Australia we learn that someone has got the cat’s pyjamas. The cat who lives near Sydney, but is not called Sydney but Ootsie, keeps bringing back unusual items and when the owner saw that it had a pair of rather nice pyjamas she took to her community facebook group to try and give them back posting, “Knowing these are quite expensive if anyone is missing these please Inbox me! Really sorry may cat’s really weird.” Pyjama drama down under, are we in the silly news season?