Pyjama publicity from around the world

Pyjama publicity US Style

Last week the pyjama publicity was all about women shopping in Tesco in their pyjamas. This week the terrible news continued when a Morrisons shopper was seen in her pyjamas in Lincoln. It seems like if you want to go viral on social media you just need to go shopping in your sleepwear and pyjama publicity will erupt. Perhaps we should produce “Shoppers Funzee” the onesie to be seen in at Asda with handy pockets for your car keys. We noticed that in New Zealand they picked up the story in a more relaxed way.  Dunedin supermarket owner Julie Moyle said she welcomed shoppers in pyjamas, provided the clothing offered suitable body coverage. She went on to explain the most common complaints about other customers in her shop were shoppers with body odour, women with short skirts, or men with exposed stomachs.

Meanwhile in the USA there was pyjama publicity on a different level when one of their top football stars launched hi-tech pyjamas which he claimed enhanced sleep and muscle recovery. Famous quarterback, Tom Brady, is the face of Under Armour’s new tech-enabled pyjamas, which were launched a few days ago at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. The idea for these pjs apparently came from Brady himself after an ankle injury and he asked Under Armour to balance comfort and performance with the right amount of bioceramic coverage. Yes, the inside of these pyjamas have a soft bio-ceramic print, which can produce something called far infrared energy when combined with natural heat from a sleeping body. Website The Stack published an article entitled “Is Bio-Ceramic Clothing Legit? Examining The Science Behind Tom Brady’s Fancy Pyjamas” where they identify some promising research. The pyjama publicity was helped by Brady doing an impression of Dwayne “The rock” Johnson. The WWE star turned actor, you know Scorpion King, was not impressed “What are you doing? It’s OK. I’m not judging. Who the f–k directed that? A Jets fan? Had to have been a Jets fan.” Can pyjama publicity get any bigger than The Rock?