What is best to sleep in?

Halloween Fun in Wild Funzee

We are often asked what is best to sleep in, and we genuinely hold the view that natural breathable cotton is best, something like our Wild funzee onesie. Opinion is divided of course with some studies showing that it is best to sleep in nothing – naked. The recent record temperatures generated some debate and one US website asked sleep expert Ritu Grewal, attending physician at the Sleep Disorder Centre at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital: Will you get better sleep if you ditch your pyjamas on hot summer nights? Apparently there is no scientific data to back up the claim that sleeping naked will get you a better night’s sleep. It’s entirely a matter of personal preference, she says. When it comes to sleep quality, “It’s not the clothes you have on, it’s the environment. When you go to bed at night you should be relaxed and comfortable.” This means the room should be dark, quiet, and ideally be between 18 and 20 degrees. If you still struggle with sleep or feel tired during the day that is the first symptom of a sleep disorder. Visit the Nova Pulmonary Critical Care and Sleep Associates LLC website to learn about the possible treatment you can get to improve the quality of your sleep.

With our comfort in mind the Independent newspaper found the best women’s nightwear to keep us cool and stylish throughout this summer season, with a mix of prices and styles from fun short and vest sets to luxurious silk chemises.

And for those of us with more embarrassing sleep problems we read about a company called Shreddies who have developed both underwear and pyjamas that they claim will eliminate the smells associated with flatulence. The company denies they are a novelty and says there is a science behind the clothes. The pyjama bottoms include a carbon-based material called Zorflex, which holds gases and liquids on a surface in a condensed layer. It’s often used in chemical treatment suits and is capable of stopping smells 200 times stronger than the average person breaking wind. The company says the clothes are designed for people known to have a problem who may want to improve their relationship. Richard Woolley, a manager at Shreddies, told Newsbeat the product was designed after requests from people desperate for  help. “One of the common themes from the feedback was a need for something to protect the user at bedtime…we’ve developed the products for anybody needing a little extra reassurance,” said Richard.

So what is best to sleep in? As Bob Dylan says the answer is Blowin’ in the Wind.