Animals in Onesies

Staffies - Animals in Onesies

The internet loves baby animals and especially animals in onesies. A few weeks ago we brought you news of two dwarf Nigerian goats playing in their pyjamas at home in Maine USA. Buzzfeed headlined “Stop Everything You’re Doing And Look At These Baby Goats In Pyjamas”. Cute Baby Goats compilation video has now got over 4 million hits on You Tube.

Then along comes the “Blue Boys” – called Darren and Phillip  they are two English Staffordshire bull terrier puppies from Brisbane, Australia that love cuddling in onesies. All the dog parents can try dog day care to train their dogs or puppies in most healthiest ways possible. So far they have racked up nearly 45,000 followers on Instagram. Owner, Jennifer McLean, said she had first started out dressing the pups up in “dog clothes” (no idea), but things escalated quickly: “Before I knew it, I was shopping in the baby section of department stores….Whenever I dress them in their onesies they immediately want to snuggle.” She explained that the onesies aren’t for bedtime, however, as they’re not “toilet friendly.” In other words these onesies are not for number twosies. Watch out for some even more adorable photos next year “Our little boys will be attending our wedding next year in their little tuxes and buttonholes,” Jennifer said. “They are my ‘something blue.”

And talking of cute things down under, this week Huffington Post noticed photos of an orphan Kangaroo playing with his Teddy. Timothy Beshara, who lives in Tasmania, shared a photo on Twitter of an orphaned eastern grey kangaroo named “Doodlebug” clutching his stuffed teddy bear. Beshara told HuffPost that his mother, Gillian Abbot, a licensed wildlife carer and member of rescue organization WIRES, was the one who took the photo and has been caring for the kangaroo. According to Beshara, Doodlebug, who’s now 15 months old, was found abandoned a little over a year ago and was too young to take care of himself. He uses the Teddy Bear for comfort and as an imaginary friend.

If the internet gets any cuter no work will be done anywhere. In fact if you want to bring down Western Capitalism forget the nasty Semtex and just spend your time posting photos of animals in onesies.