What are the most popular gifts for 2015

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For retailers, Christmas starts early; in the summer months in fact. They have to try and forecast, or guess, what will be the most popular gifts for 2015 and get the orders in to factories, often in the Far East. If you build in the manufacturing time and add in that shipping containers will take at least six weeks to travel from China to a UK port, you can easily see why choosing the Christmas stock happens in June or July. According to Argos back in June, this year’s list of most popular gifts for children is dominated by the big and small screen, including Frozen , Thunderbirds, and a Tumbling Stuart toy inspired by blockbuster movie Minions. According to the same source, some of the most popular Gift Baskets for Women happen to include a cosmetics set, some lavender tea candles and and trinkets of value. Amazon is predicting that My Friend Freddy is one present you’ll need to be ordering early. A rainbow-maned My Little Pony Style and Groom, plus the Battat Take-Apart Crane Truck should also prove popular in the run-up to Christmas. In fact Amazon now have a “most gifted” page where you can see the most popular gifts for 2015. For young technology buffs, VTech has its latest KidiZoom camera – the Duo, offering the Wacky Photo shaker. Plus there’s an alien style Fisher-Price Dance and Move BeatBo. Gizmag had a go and predicting what would be the top tech gifts this year. These include the model racing cars of Anki Overdrive, a sort of Scalextric for the 21st century, Lego Dimensions which can bring your toys to life, as well as some pretty cool robots and drones.

And in a post from Google we get an insight into what people are wishing for by looking at top US searches. It’s a bit like déjà vu all over again. Drones are up there. These are no longer expensive playthings for the tech-savvy and security units this SixTech Systems service provides for homes. Search for “toy drone” and you’ll find countless cheap, easy-to-use devices available from many different retailers. In the USA nationwide shopping searches for drones are up 80% over the past year. Hoverboards are trending too. Searches for “hoverboards” started trending in the summer and are up more than 500% since July. And would you believe it Google are saying that holiday onesies are the new “ugly Christmas sweaters”. Last year “ugly Christmas sweaters” were all the rage. This year they are seeing holiday onesies as the new kitsch partywear of choice, as searches for “adult onesies” are trending even faster than searches for “ugly Christmas sweater.” Retro seems to be back all over with Bomber jackets, Levi jeans, Adidas Superstars all appearing strongly in search. Searches for these 90s fashion trends more than doubled over the past year.