Not just for Christmas – Onesies are Versatile

Onesies are Versatile - Ski Wear

Ever thought about what things you can do in pyjamas or an adult onesie? We always say our onesies are versatile and practical, but even we have been surprised looking back over the year at all the things you can do in an adult onesie.

Get Married: During the year, several couples have got press coverage by getting married in their favourite onesies – for that informal look.

Go to a film premiere: Yes you remember Woody Harrelson sparked much social media comment when he wore his pyjamas to the Paris movie premiere of Hunger Games.

Play Guitar: a young guitar player made headlines by playing a tribute to BB King whilst wearing a tiger striped onesie. So far the 10 year old has gained over 5.3 million views on You Tube.

Play Football: Real Madrid’s new kit was slammed on social media for looking like cheap pyjamas. Maybe they are running out of colours now having gone through basically every colour of the rainbow with a succession of garish kits. Madrid opted for the only remaining choice: grey. Or as the club are officially calling it ‘Silver Glory’ as a mark of recognition for the “colour of trophies” Madrid are so adept at collecting. The Twitterati weren’t impressed “Real Madrid in their away kit today, which looks like the sort of gear you’d wear on a hungover morning walk to Tesco”.

Fart: UK company Shreddies managed to generate a good deal of press comment by introducing pyjamas which neutralise your farts. The company says these pyjamas eliminate bedtime odours, allowing you to drift off without worry. The pyjamas are the perfect solution to situations like staying with friends, a work-trip or a new relationship. A carbon lining within the pyjamas filters all of the odours.

Raise Venture Capital: And if you thought that was hard to believe, take a look at this pitch on You Tube.  According to the budding entrepreneurs, adult onesies have become hot fashion in Silicon Valley and the venture capital is pouring in. Ubsie, the so called Uber for onesies, recently raised $500 million. Onesies are versatile but maybe this is stretching a point.

Get Thrown out of a museum: Back at the start of the year, we read about a teenage couple from Swindon who wore their dinosaur and Pokemon onesies for a visit to the Natural History Museum but were told they would have to change before they were allowed in. Staff told the couple to remove the costumes as they made their way into the museum because visitors in fancy dress had caused problems in the past. A spokesman for the museum said there was no particular dress code for entry to the museum, but the duty manager has responsibility for deciding who is allowed inside. He said: ‘We have in the past had visitors in costumes cause disturbances in the building, which affected other people’s experience at the museum.”

Ski: check out this video of a ski club enjoying our Wizard funzees in a winter wonderland. Just shows onesies are versatile in any weather.