Adult Onesies are not the most ridiculous Christmas gifts.

ridiculous Christmas gifts - dog pyjamas

When we started selling adult onesies back in 2008 many people thought that is was a joke. We were told that we might sell a few as ridiculous Christmas gifts but no one was actually going to buy them as serious clothing. Well, following the onesie boom of 2013, when millions were sold in the UK alone, we can be sure that these are more than ridiculous Christmas gifts. But it got us thinking about what people spend their money on at Christmas and what are the most ridiculous Christmas gifts. Last year Huffington Post came up with a useful guide which included “Old Man Peeing Liquor Beverage Dispenser”. If you believe that Christmas scotch tastes better when dispensed from the genitalia of an old man statue you will love this. Make sure you tell the person you’re giving it to, “Hey, urine for a treat.” Other fun items, included pre-stained underwear so you don’t have to go to all the trouble of making your own skidmarks, and a far too realistic Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser.

Gwyneth Paltrow was criticised last year for including ridiculous Christmas gifts in her Goop (you know: A weekly lifestyle publication, curated by Gwyneth Paltrow, offering exclusive collaborations, recipes, travel notes) gift guide which included  this product: Easy Health Angel Juicer Gold, $4,739 with Gwyneth commenting: “Absurd, but awesome”. And website came up with its own list of most ridiculous Christmas gifts which included HILLARY CLINTON NUTCRACKER: This HILLARY CLINTON  figurine has thighs of steel, perfect for cracking even the toughest nuts. Then what about the money people spend on their pets at Christmas. According to Pets at Home data, Britain is set to spend £6 billion on their pets this year and research by Capital One says spending on pet presents has grown by £3 million in the last 2 years. Cat lovers can book their pet a Spa Day for £45 which includes gentle undercoat removal, eye and ear cleanse, and paw massage with “lickable” organic balm. And if handmade leather collars and sumptuous doggy jackets aren’t enough for Fido you can find decadent tailor-made holidays for you and your pet, and even a dog concierge service. UK company Pets Pyjamas say, “We also provide a wonderful box of goodies for you on arrival, personalised for your dog, and can design holiday packages, costing all the way up to £10,000.” Noticed any ridiculous Christmas gifts out there? Somehow our Wizard adult onesie doesn’t seem so silly now.