One day we’ll all be wearing onesies

Fun Festivals in February

Four years ago we wrote a short article about how, based on then current trends, we would all end up wearing onesies for just about any occasion. Of course it was meant as a joke but since then adult onesies have become mainstream so maybe we were right: here is the New York magazine this week commenting that in the future we will all be wearing onesies. The popularity of our funzees in winter is easy to understand because they are warm and cosy and just the sort of thing to hibernate in. But the start of the Festival Season serves as a reminder that these are not just cold weather products. If you choose a natural cotton design it can be cool enough for those sunny days and will keep you comfortable when the sun goes down and it starts to cool off.

Coachella is usually viewed as the start of the annual festival timetable. This unique event started in 1999 and takes place in California’s Colorado desert where, even in April, days are hot and nights are cool. The 2015 festival will be held on April 10—12 and April 17–19. General admission tickets again sold out in less than 20 minutes, maybe not surprising since headline acts include AC/DC and Jack White. Coachella is always an opportunity for celebs and others to show off their festival gear but Hollywood Reporter celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinati has some advice for those lucky enough to have secured a ticket. “”Anything unflattering, weather inappropriate, too try-hard or affected, or too naked should stay home,” she adds. Some of those no-nos? “All kinds of vests can be retired — they’re overdone at Coachella and serve zero purpose.” Additionally, she says, it’s the combination of items that kills a look: “This is not Woodstock and you aren’t fighting for peace, so take it down a notch with the hair flowers and the beads and the suede and the fringe,” says Urbinati. May be a bit harsh, but anyway we’ll be bringing you news of any sightings of festival goers wearing onesies.