Its not just a big year for Fashion Pyjamas in 2016

Trendy Fashion Pyjamas Show

We have mentioned before that it will be big for fashion pyjamas in 2016 as there won’t be a just an assortment of designer clothes but also some really glamorous womens wallets. Now that we have sung Auld Lang Syne it’s time to look ahead for some other big ideas of 2016. What’s going to change our lives in the near future? Popular science has some great technology ideas for 2016: it’s going to be a big year for the gene editing technique Crispr. You know, clustered regularly-interspaced short palindromic repeats, or designer babies and all that. And if that stuff doesn’t blow your mind, by the end of 2016 Cisco estimates that Internet traffic will bypass 1 zettabyte. A zettabyte is 1,000 exabytes, which translates into 1 trillion gigabytes—or roughly 300 trillion photos of your baby or dog. Does anyone have a dog that interesting? NASA’s InSight probe, launching shortly in March, will establish a seismic station on the Red Planet; it will sense mars­quakes and use them to map the planet’s interior. A complementary European-Russian probe called Exo­Mars 2016, lifting off almost simultaneously, will use a chemical sniffer to ferret out atmospheric methane from possible Martian microbes. Then in September, OSIRIS-REx will head to Bennu, the kind of carbon-rich asteroid that may have seeded ancient life on Earth, to collect samples and bring them home for analysis. Real starman stuff, where is David Bowie when you need him? And from the world of business, LinkedIn brings us a collection of predictions. How about this from Peter Guber, the CEO of Mandalay Entertainment; Virtual reality will disrupt sports, entertainment, and live events. In his new universe, “a director or producer isn’t determining what you’re looking at, how you’re looking at it, or when you’re looking at it…rather than being a mere passenger, the result is a participatory experience with a far deeper level of emotional engagement than any other curated event can deliver.”

By now you are thinking, this clever stuff is all very well but what about fashion pyjamas in 2016? Vogue France comments, “The pyjamas trend is set to continue for Autumn/Winter 2016-2017” and offers a sneak peek from Valentino, Givenchy and Fendi’s pre-Autumn collections. While Glamour magazine brings us fashion pyjamas you can wear to work. And it’s good to know our Royals are on trend as the Palace issued a statement on Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s gifts In 2015 and they included pyjamas and a snow suit. Combine the two with our polar funzee and forget fashion pyjamas.