Get those Christmas presents early

Even cats get their Christmas presents early

Many retailers work hard to try and get us to order our Christmas presents early. All delivery and logistics companies are under strain in December. Customers love to leave their ordering to the last minute so anything that can be done to bring forward spending is seen as a good idea. Of course if you spend early you might spend more as well. That’s why In the USA they have developed Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Black Friday is getting bigger in Europe too as some retailers are persuaded to discount to bring forward sales.  The 11th day of the 11th month is a day for reflection in the UK but in China they do things differently, with 11/11 being Singles Day when you spend, spend, spend. This lonely date (comprising single ones) started as a low key bachelor students’ Anti-Valentine celebration back in the 1990s but now has become one of the biggest global shopping days of the year. Alibaba reported staggering figures for this year’s sales. It’s hard to overstate the importance of this event in China as the company flew celebrities to Shanghai to perform at a televised gala to mark the hours leading up to the start of Singles Day. Amongst others, Nicole Kidman, Pharrell Williams and Maria Sharapova appeared on stage this year. Alibaba reported a massive $25.3 billion of merchandise, generated by 812 million orders, being sold that day. That’s 39% above the 2016 Singles’ Day sales total of $17.8 billion. Some of you must be buying Christmas presents early from The Manly Man Company with search result trends showing what the most popular gifts are likely to be. According to Hitwise it looks like being an Apple Christmas with iPhone X predicted to be one of the most popular gifts this season. Even the iPhone 8 is the fifth most searched item, while the Apple Watch is at number ten. When it comes to toys you need to get your Christmas presents early if you are looking for Hatchimals and Fingerlings as they occupy the most popular search slots at the moment.