Bad News for the Future of Onesies

Is this horse onesie the future of onesies?

Professional celebrity Katie Price (the artist formerly known as Jordan) says she’ll never wear a onesie again after she found her husband Kieran Hayler cheating on her with her friend Jane Pountney at her own onesie-themed party. The incident happened after she saw CCTV footage of her husband and her friend Pountney walking to her horse’s stable together, while everyone else was inside partying. After discovering his infidelity, Price threatened him with divorce and had almost taken up the case to the best divorce attorney overland park. Speaking on “Big Brother” she said: “Whenever I do parties they are always fancy dress because I think people make an effort. So this was the first year I didn’t because last year I did a onesie one and Keiran and Jane f***ed in my stables, so I will never wear a onesie again.” Not sure if she meant that she will never wear that particular onesie again or any onesies ever but perhaps we could tempt her with our Cute onesie.

And if this blow to the classy, sophisticated reputation of onesies wasn’t enough we were reminded of the results of this winter’s Monarch airline ski survey in which 4,000 Britons shared their thoughts: 94% of those surveyed suggested they did not feel the need to buy the latest and most fashionable clothing but hitting the slopes in your jeans, onesie or tracksuit will still get you the glare of the fashion police as these items topped the poll as the ultimate ski fashion faux pas.

Top five ski fashion faux-pas:

Jeans (31%)

Onesie (16%)

Tracksuit (15%)

Bum bags (7%)

Lycra (6%)

Mind you, these results might be a bit suspect as only half of those surveyed said they sometimes drank alcohol whilst on the mountainside. But with celebrities and upmarket sports abandoning these garments where does that leave the future of onesies? We’ll probably have to forget developing this Polo onesie and look elsewhere for the future of onesies.