Onesie Collaborations

Onesie Collaborations

We are always on the look out for onesie collaborations and new onesie ideas. We passed on the twosie which was basically two onesies stuck together but how about onesie collaborations which solve the problem of embarrassing night time odours? Known in medical circles as ENTOS, embarrassing night time odour syndrome is estimated to affect 20% of the male population. Now a Loughborough based company, Shreddies, has developed pyjamas which neutralise the smell unwelcome gas. The company’s motto is “fart with confidence”. Their pyjamas utilise a carbon-based material called Zorflex, which holds gases and liquids on a surface in a condensed layer. It’s often used in chemical treatment suits. It is capable of stopping smells 200 times stronger than the average person breaking wind. The company says its clothes are designed for people known to have a flatulence problem who want to improve their relationship. Richard Woolley, a manager there, told BBC’s Newsbeat the product was designed in response to customer feedback, “One of the common themes from the feedback was a need for something to protect the user at bedtime, especially in a new relationship, on a work trip or staying with friends.” As part of our onesie collaborations we are in the early stages of developing a silver coated onesie which will eliminate skid marks and include a silencer so that bedtime conversations are not interrupted. This should come as a relief to many onesie fans.

We also noticed that Australian pyjama legend Peter Alexander has developed his own “The Simpson’s” character. The Oz designer has previously created pyjama collections based on Sesame Street, Disney and Marvel characters. Now he is partnering with his favourite US TV series, “The Simpsons” for a new sleepwear range. Alexander met with the TV creative team in LA in February and has since been working on range that includes the main Simpson family and also other popular characters like Krusty, Ned and Moe. Could this be a model for future onesie collaborations? How about onesies featuring a range of Downton Abbey characters or sequined onesies to wear whilst watching Strictly Come Dancing?

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