Always thinking about socks

non slip Socks Cute design

The issue of whether adult onesies should be footed or not is much debated. In the USA the name “adult onesie” is associated more with fetish than the comfy sleep suit we know in the UK. So in the USA these products tend to be known generically as footed pajamas. We sometimes describe our funzees there as footed pajamas without the feet. Strange eh? Trouble is, that just makes them sound like pajamas (or pyjamas as we say in English).

Although we now produce some styles with feet, we would normally recommend that people choose an unfooted onesie but add some suitable socks. The feet part of adult onesies are likely to get, at best smelly, and at worst holed and ripped. If you have separate socks you can wash them easily, take them off in bed, and just change them when they get worn or holed.

This Christmas we have extended our range of funzee socks. There are new stripy designs in Black/Gold and Black/Purple to complement our Bumble and Wizard styles. There is also a leopard spot print (like Wild funzee) and a teddy bear print on pink (like Cute funzee). The socks are cotton rich (80%) and come in one size. The fabric includes elastane so they should be good to fit foot sizes 4-10. To make the soles of the feet non-slip we have printed rubberised lettering which spell “fun”. And of course there is an antibacterial finish to discourage smells. So whether or not you are a socks maniac, you’ll like the funzee sock range.