Funzee Ski or Funky Funski

The best onesie for winter sports

Planning a winter sports trip? Need a versatile garment that will keep you warm, can be worn on piste but also to the apres ski party? Well you have come to the right place.

One of the (many) advantages of our funzees is that they are versatile and practical garments as well as being a bit of fun. As winter sets in, we know that many of you enjoy ski holidays. Last season a group in America organised a funzee ski competition in Idaho. They made a fun video which we have put on You Tube. You can see that they are wearing our Wizard Funzee which is made from Polar Fleece so its warm, but also easily washed. You can use it as a fun ski suit during the day, then dry it out and be on the cutting edge of fashion at the apres ski party in the evening. Our Polar design makes you look like a fluffy snow man…or woman. Its popular for university or college ski trips. Why? Because a simple, relatively low cost suit can be:

party wear,

ideal for lounging around watching TV,

a fun ski suit,

Fancy dress,

a sleep suit or warm pajamas,

So although we think funzees are a bit of fun, they also make great gifts for all kinds of people. Next time you are going away for that ski trip don’t forget to funski with funzee.