Adult Onesie News Stateside

College funzees

From across the pond – need an adult onesie for a friend or relative in the USA? We have started selling our funzee products in the USA and despatch from a warehouse in New York State.

Staff at College News, a Uni newspaper, sent us this photo of them anjoying a funzee day in their college funzees.

However, more importantly, we have heard that an American company is going to try and set a new World record for the most number of people wearing adult onesies in one place. Dave Hibler from the company Forever Lazy is trying to organise the event. To break the record, Hibler said the event needs more than 700 participants. Guinness World Records requires a video of the entire attempt, high resolution photos and witness reports from qualified people, such as notaries or police officers who saw the event, Hibler said. We are thinking that maybe we could organise a charity summer event to get the wonderful world record of onesies back in the UK.

Update: They didn’t make the world record in the US attempt as only 250 people turned up  – so still a UK record.