A week Full of Festive Surprises

Even cats get their Christmas presents early

Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house, nothing was stirring not even a mouse…..because Cat Santa had eaten them all. Our pic of Puss in Christmas Onesie is from a lady in Oz who has three rescue cats. “I think people just love to see animals dressed up, it makes them smile,” she said. The moggies don’t seem to mind and have been dressed up in various costumes including festive elves, pirates and dear old people.

And how would you feel about receiving Penis pyjamas for one of your Festive Surprises. The Daily Star was amongst those reporting on social media pics of £9 jammies from Primark. Their Elfie range of pyjamas features a charming Boston terrier wearing a jingle bells hat. The only problem is that the white stripe and chubby chin of the animal looks just a tad phallic. Many of those commenting say it looks like a penis wearing a Christmas hat. We can see what they mean, maybe these really are the dogs boll**ks.

And although, as reported a couple of weeks ago, Google say that adult onesies are one of the most popular search terms this gift giving season, not everyone has adopted the craze. The Daily Mirror reported that at a hearing in Plymouth a judge asked a barrister in a sex assault case: “What exactly is a onesie?” Prosecutor, Miss Jo Martin, explained to the judge – who was appointed two months ago – that a onesie was “an adult baby romper suit”. She was going to suggest that the judge looked on the internet but then thought she might have to explain what the internet is.

But of course we can look to the USA for proper adult onesie related Festive Surprises. You may have seen Will Ferrell and Youtuber Billy Eichner (from Billy on the Street) demonstrating that onesies for adults are fun by taking to the streets of New York. Dressed in festive footed pyjamas they shout at passers-by while asking them a series of Christmas themed questions offering a prize of a dollar for correct answers. It’s a fine line between Festive Surprises and intimidation.