Christmas Shopping starts again for some on Christmas Day

Christmas day is for lounging or Christmas Shopping

Will you spend Christmas Day lounging around, eating and drinking too much, watching old TV or will you be shopping on line or jogging in the countryside? A couple of interesting and well-timed surveys show how we are likely to spend Christmas Day and Christmas shopping is on the agenda for some. Amazon are predicting that they will have their busiest Christmas Day ever and have shared some analysis of how Christmas shopping on the day itself pans out:

Midnight to 11am: Last minute Christmas shopping! This is cutting it a bit fine even for men, but during this time, sales on Amazon UK are led by Printable and Email Gift Cards.

12noon: Digital downloads

With the first presents opened and an hour or so before lunch, shoppers head online again to buy Kindle books, MP3s, TV and films, digital video games and apps for the new devices they have been given. Then again, things like sales of cases for devices, video games accessories and coffee capsules increase at lunchtime as customers order more items for their new Christmas gifts. Sales dip mid afternoon as we fall asleep or watch the Queen give her televised address to the Commonwealth – how British and how re-assuring that people stop shopping for it.

7pm onwards: Christmas TV specials

Last year, television screenings of the Mrs Brown’s Boys, Miranda and Downton Abbey Christmas specials prompted sales of related DVDs, Video streams and downloads.

9pm: surfing for the bargains

Last year, Christmas Day sales on Amazon UK peaked at 8.52pm, as we started looking for early bargains in Boxing Day Deals.

According to a survey by Asda 51 per cent of people are planning to wear their Pyjamas all day! George at Asda has also reported a sharp rise in sales of traditional two-piece pyjamas which, for the first time in three years, are rivalling onesies. And sales of novelty, or ugly, jumpers continue to rise; up 32 per cent year on year. However, 16 per cent or responders will go to extra lengths on Christmas Day, changing outfits up to three times: opening presents in pyjamas, changing for dinner and then once more for family visits or because they’ve over-eaten. We should all give thanks for elasticated waist bands. A spokesperson for George at Asda said: “Anything goes on Christmas Day, be it pyjamas, sequins, a knitted jumper or fancy dress, the main thing is that everyone feels comfortable and enjoys themselves.”

But whilst most of us are stretched out, shopping, in pyjamas, like the cat above, spare a thought for professional athletes. World’s Strongest Man hopeful, Dan Gardner, is lucky enough to need to eat 10,000 calories a day but in an interview with the Daily Telegraph rugby union international Chris Ashton tells us, “We love Christmas, of course. But we have a match on the day after Boxing Day – and most years that match is actually on Boxing Day. You can’t get too loose down the pub with your mates. There are pretty much no drinks on Christmas Day. And you can’t eat too much rubbish either.”