It’s a Wonderful World of Onesie Fun

World of Onesie Fun for number one record

This week we look around the world of onesie fun to bring you the news behind the news. So far, in the UK election no mention of onesies and no onesie selfies from the party leaders but in international news: the world of onesie fun has reached East Africa with an article from Kenya about the success of the male romper. The author writes “I could not imagine walking down the street holding hands with a man in a onesie,” well we are not sure about that young lady, but we enjoyed your fashion round up anyway. From even further afield, news form South Australia is that a growing number of dog owners down under are buying winter garments for Fido. One local pet accessory retailer said “This year, we have a range of tracksuits and pyjamas in stock, which are very on trend.” Closer to home we enjoyed the Gay Times reporting on “five things you should have monogrammed immediately”. At number 3 they ask, “What better way to spend a Sunday than curled up on the sofa with your personalised pyjamas on”, well how about a personalised onesie? And of course we have a story from the US. Supposing you are a country singer and you suddenly have a number one hit. In the world of onesie fun that’s an excuse for a party. Lauren Alaina enjoyed a onesie pyjama party in Nashville to celebrate her first No. 1 hit, “Road Less Traveled”. Lauren admits she is a big onesie fan, “I bought myself something. What did I buy myself? Oh, I got a goat onesie. I’m so stupid! Some people go out and buy Chanel. I’m like, I got a onesie online!” Hmm a goat onesie – is she kidding? Commenting on the song’s success, which grew out of her struggle with an eating disorder, the American Idol star says she is proud to have taken on such a challenging and deeply personal subject in her hit song. If you see any strange news from the world of onesie fun let us know and we might send you a free one to enjoy.