Not Ninjas in Pyjamas but celebrities in Pyjamas

Cannes celebrities in Pyjamas

News for online game players that the Ninjas in Pyjamas team is back in competition but that got us thinking about celebrities in pyjamas. The Cannes film festival continues to get the fashion media excited. According to the event planners at the screening of Radiance, Victoria’s Secret model Irina Shayk got the most attention in the yellow dress she’d worn for the event. It was her first red carpet appearance since having her daughter two months ago. Lucky lady she is now dating Bradley Cooper and an 89 karat yellow diamond ring from Lorraine Schwartz was on show to complete the look. Anyone feeling jealous? Elsewhere at the film screenings, our pic shows Salma Hayek in a pyjama inspired Gucci outfit which it seems costs over £3,000. All that money about the place and yet she poses in front of a half built wall down by the rocks – where is the glam in Cannes? If you want to pretend you are at a film premiere how about wearing our Zooland funzee onesie and you could be one of the lucky celebrities in Pyjamas. We have just had an enquiry for Zooland funzee from a shop in the Falkland Islands. Wouldn’t it be funny if you arrived on a windswept rock in the middle of the South Atlantic to find everyone there wearing penguin inspired onesies? Now one of the ultimate celebrities in pyjamas emerges in an old video clip. None other than the world’s most powerful and richest man, Mark Zuckerberg, is seen dressed in floppy pyjamas as he opens the email that confirms he has been accepted to the green fields of Harvard University. Mark seems a little underwhelmed, but then he famously dropped out to create The Facebook – it will never catch on. Have you seen any celebrities in pyjamas? You might see them in onesies too after this week’s news that Reebok is bringing out a ‘Bro Romper,’ or onesie for active men. We are not sure there is a big market for onesies for active men. The big onesie market is for men who want to lounge about watching Game of Thrones or competing against Ninjas in Pyjamas. If you are out jogging, cycling or rowing an adult onesie is not the ideal garment. But then what would we know, Reebok say it will be “The perfect merger of function and style, the ReeRomp by Reebok is engineered with enhanced breathability to help keep your body cool so you can maximise your potential, no matter the conditions.” They are producing a limited run, will it limit your ability to run or will it just run and run?