We wish you all a wonderful onesie Christmas

Christmas presents for pets

Nearly there. Will it be a onesie Christmas? We know Sienna Miller is a fan of sleepwear presents. ““I love getting pyjamas – I buy people what I like to get. I gave everybody pyjamas last year that were really beautiful and I think make women feel kind of special…” she said in a recent interview. From Canada, we enjoyed this post about how multi-cultural Canadians celebrate Christmas with the title “Wieners and onesies among many ways to celebrate the holiday season”. Wieners being those frankfurter type sausages (if you wonder how sausage is actually produced, read more here) and onesies being the ideal Christmas gift.

This is the time of year for looking back and reviewing what happened in 2016 and looking forward to what we might expect in 2017. Yahoo offered us the best Royal family moments of 2016 including the cute picture of Prince George meeting President Obama in his pyjamas (Prince George not the president was in their pyjamas). The Australian got in early with this article “Trends you missed: from pyjamas and Pokemon to butler socks.” This includes the trend for wearing pyjamas in public and the fact that for babies born in 2016, Noah was No 4 in Australia and No 1 for boys names in the USA.

Looking ahead, there are predictions that both Christmas Day and Boxing Day will be significant days for shopping using mobile devices. John Lewis was just one of the major retailers who have noted a change in the shape of festive buying. Last year they saw an 11% year-on-year increase in clearance online orders on Christmas Day with a similar rise in traffic to the website. Most interestingly, 75% of the retailer’s clearance shopping traffic on Christmas Day came from mobile devices. Over half of all Christmas day mobile purchases are people buying for themselves, with shoppers taking the opportunity to get the present that Santa forgot. So if it wasn’t a onesie Christmas for you, get on our site and order one for yourself. And as a further sign of things to come Amazon this month made its first delivery by drone – in the UK. CEO Jeff Bezos tweeted that the delivery had taken just 13 minutes from click to the parcel arriving. The flight took place on December 7 around Cambridge. The ground breaking delivery took place in the UK within six months of our Civil Aviation Authority agreeing to work with Amazon to trial the use of drones to deliver parcels weighing up to 2.3kg. It granted permission that went beyond the US’s Federal Air Authority, which insisted testing must be in the line of sight. That world-first comes just weeks after Just Eat made the first robot deliveries of takeaways in Greenwich. It’s going to be an interesting 2017 for shoppers.