Winds of Change blow through White House Pyjamas

Trump Jr White House Pyjamas

You may have noticed there have been changes in the US Government and we noticed a change in the cute White House pyjamas that visiting kids wear. We’ll leave the political comment to others much cleverer than us but we will miss Obama – never again will we get a president who rhymes with pyjama, so no more Obama Pyjama Drama headlines. Last year, you may remember those cute pictures showing a visit by the then president to our young royals at Kensington Palace. Three year old Prince George showed off his best White House pyjamas and personalised dressing gown and became a media star. Those images went global and interest in personalised children’s clothing increased hugely for the retailer behind the look, My 1st Years. After that free publicity, Footwear News reports that the company was able to attract around a £5 million investment to expand its brand in the USA. This week we see that super heroes are the pyjama of choice for kids in the White House. This time it was the turn of Donald Trump’s grandson Tristan to get the headlines when his Dad posted a picture of him wearing green Ninja Turtle pyjamas to lunch. Is he a ninja whinger? Watch out for more of the Trump family on Instagram, we predict many of them will earn fortunes by becoming social media stars. Talking of super heroes, we noticed the blue and red stretch adult onesie worn by the late Christopher Reeve in Superman: The Movie is being sold. A Los Angeles auction house specialising in, film memorabilia, is auctioning off the suit described as a “muscle tunic” that was “used in the flight scenes”. If you are interested the opening bid is around £35,000. Strangely enough we may have seen someone who could be bidding. Another news outlet showed pictures of Irish Prime minister Enda Kenny admiring superman onesies on an official visit to Spain. If he gets invited to meet the new president he won’t need Aer Lingus, he could just fly in with those White House pyjamas.