A Wash Out Pyjama Week-end?

Abba Festival or Pyjama Week-end

It’s a Bank Holiday week-end, so will it be a scorcher, a washout, or a pyjama week-end? So many events are weather dependent to get the full enjoyment whether its sunbathing on Brighton beach, culturing at the Hay Festival or cheese rolling in Gloucestershire.  While we are all outwardly hoping for a sunny bank holiday, polling of 2,003 people for the Met Office suggests 54% find themselves occasionally wanting bad weather as an excuse to relax. Sometimes it seems we just want to watch Breakfast at Tiffanys and have a pyjama week-end. But this weekend, I had plans of getting out my zero drop shoes for running and sprint the neighbourhood. More than half of people surveyed have secretly wished for a washout weekend so they can watch box sets, stay in their pyjamas or just be lazy. The results of the poll were published to promote the new weather app. from the met. office. It also found that 42% of responders had used bad weather as an excuse not to attend an event, with more than a quarter having missed a meet up with friends and 11% had avoided seeing their partner’s family.  One company hoping to get you out of a pyjama week-end and outdoors is Hunters the Wellington boot people. Hunter’s boots have always been synonymous with the mud wet, and tears experienced at posh British festivals like Glastonbury. Now we read Hunter is set to launch a global tour of popular music festivals throughout 2016 which will enable it to increase engagement with consumers worldwide and reach out to a wider audience. Last year Hunter offered personalised wellies to celebrities attending certain high profile festivals. And somewhere where you won’t be needing your wellies is the town of Trundle in New South Wales (not the old South Wales where it rains a lot).  For the past five years this town five hours inland from Sydney, has held an annual event celebrating all things ABBA. The festival idea was born after eight years of drought meant the townsfolk were struggling to bring in business from visitors but this May, a record 4,500 people attended from all over Oz. So (inevitable pathetic ABBA references) if you Change Your Mind about that pyjama week-end, and you have the Money, Money, Money, you can always head down under with your seventies onesie on.