This Week’ s Secrets in Pyjamas

Maria Carey Secrets in Pyjamas

It’s not only Bananas in Pyjamas, we keep secrets in pyjamas too. The 2016 Olympics will be “kicking off”, or whatever the appropriate expression is, in Rio shortly but in 2020 its Tokyo’s turn. The mayor of Tokyo has already stirred up a storm about secrets in pyjamas. He has been forced to apologise to the public there amid charges of corruption as it came out that official trips taken to London and Paris with other officials last year cost Japanese taxpayers a total of 50 million yen (about £300,000), with Masuzoe flying first class and staying in luxury hotels. The mayor is also reported to have allegedly used political funds – which include donations from supporters as well as taxpayer money provided by the government – to buy a variety of items including children’s pyjamas. Why don’t we stop this alleged corruption and get the honest guys at FIFA to manage the games instead?

And an insight this week from Air New Zealand into how crews on long-haul flights have their own secret sleeping cabins – secrets in pyjamas in the sky. Air New Zealand are experts on long haul flights because just about everywhere is a long haul flight away from there. One former crew member who wishes to remain anonymous commented, “In terms of what staff do there, well that would be telling, but I’m sure you can imagine that a lot more than sleeping often goes on here….We try to make them as comfortable as possible for us, bringing our own pyjamas, blankets and teddies to try and help us get some sleep, but to be honest it’s often very difficult to sleep.”

Mariah Carey has often been called the best selling female artist of all time. Maybe Adele will knock her off that perch. Anyway she has been on USA television this week to reveal her secrets in pyjamas. She took time out to appear on popular US daytime show “Live with Kelly” where she was interviewed about her career and her new billionaire fiance. It was a pyjamas themed episode and she wowed the studio audience by making an elegant entrance wearing a sea green negligee and black stilettos, that she claimed were her ‘slippers’. Know of any secrets in pyjamas? – let us know and we’ll send you a secret adult onesie.