Time for that Favourite Festival Onesie?

Favourite Festival Onesie

We know that Spring is in the air so is it time to brush off that Favourite Festival Onesie? As well as the major festivals there will be events all over the country on most summer week-ends. For a good round-up of what is available try the Festival Calendar. In the USA, Coachella is generally seen as the start of the Festival season. Some of you are probably thinking: a music Festival, in April, with snow on the ground still? Well Coachella is held in the Colorado Desert near Palm Springs in Southern California so you know it’s going to be hot. This festival has origins back in 1993 when Pearl Jam performed outdoors there but the festival proper didn’t get going until October 1999 with acts including Morrissey and Chemical Brothers. It was not really a commercial success so the format was re-worked and returned in in April 2001 as a one day event. This proved more popular and gradually got more media attention, partly because it was so early in the year.  The first time the festival sold out, with 50,000 tickets for each day, was in 2004 with headliners like the Pixies, Radiohead, and The Cure. In 2016 there is an eclectic mix of music over 2 consecutive week-ends with headliners including Guns n Roses, Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding.

Now, as well as being a music festival Coachella has become an event and therefore an excuse for celebs. to be seen and photographed and therefore festival fashion is a big story. You might think that it’s just a case of wearing your Favourite Festival Onesie for three days and nights but no. In the world of festival fashion you have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get that look that says: I don’t care how I look I’m only here for the music. Of course there is a Kardashian or two offering tips on festival essentials and others commenting on the basics she missed. The LA weekly feels well qualified to offer a Coachella Survival Guide and even the New York Times can’t resist featuring the latest Festival fashion. Of course the big brands love having an event to get us spending at the start of the season. Our advice is don’t fuss about festival fashion, keep it simple, most people don’t care what you are wearing. So pack light and use our Favourite Festival Onesie as the preferred garment “du jour” in fact for all day and all night.