From Charity Onesies to Royal Pyjamas

Prince George in Royal Pyjamas

Last week had two very important celebrations – from the sublime (royal pyjamas) to the ridiculous (charity onesies) you might say. It was National Wear your Pyjamas to Work Day. Guess where this event started – Iran, North Korea? No it’s a US idea as each year on April 16th, the day after taxes are due in the United States, someone decided it’s time to have some fun and wear your pyjamas to work. Fox Sports had some great pictures of a Nascar team changing tyres in their pyjamas. Many employees use this as an opportunity to get sponsored and treat it as a fundraiser. Putting on charity onesies has always been a great way to raise money.

For those of you who work from home maybe every day is wear your pyjamas to work day, but for those that have to go to the warehouse, office, factory, school etc. it’s a chance to have some fun and maybe make some money for charity. A new survey by work space provider Regus reported that about four in 10 office workers have worked from home in their pyjamas but luckily 86 per cent smartened up before a video call. That still means some of you are doing video calls in your sleepwear.

And last Thursday the Queen was 90 years old. She is the longest UK reigning monarch ever, having been on the throne for 64 years. Can you believe she became queen in 1952? Winston Churchill was prime minister, British troops were engaged in the Korean war, and Sooty first appeared on TV. To celebrate her birthday she had 21 gun salutes, nationwide beacons and cakes by the score. Plus many famous visitors came to pay their respects including many European royals and the American equivalent, Barack and Michelle Obama. Social media went crazy for pictures of Prince George meeting the president in his royal pyjamas (George that is, the president wore a suit – doubt he owns any royal pyjamas – perhaps he would like our Royal Onesie). Who says the special relationship is dead?