The Best Pyjamas and Worst Pyjamas

A plastic bag - The Best Pyjamas?

A funny old week for pyjamas and onesies stories which brought us some of the best pyjamas and worst pyjamas. As well as the usual onesie charity walk news items we noticed that the Daily Telegraph reviewed the best pyjamas for men. Their suggestions include traditional Cotton satin stripe pyjamas from Derek Rose for £146, and a cotton nightshirt for £165. They also note, “Pyjamas are something that the Americans do incredibly well. So it’s no surprise that Brooks Brothers, the bastion of preppy US menswear, has a great offering,” and mentions their Broadcloth’ pyjamas at £85. If you think that’s a lot of money, even if these are the best pyjamas, then you will be shocked to see what ladies might pay.  Harrods has a Carine Gilson Silk Chemise for £699 whilst fashion label “The Row”, started by child stars and fashion icons Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, has in the past offered a three piece pyjama set for over £1,800.

And then a onesie story which made us check that its not April 1st. Cosmopolitan and others, are reporting that young women in Taiwan are using plastic bags to make sleepwear. These women are eager to collect plastic bags from convenience stores like 7-Eleven so that they can fashion these into plastic bag onesies. Using the plastic bag handles as shoulder straps, the girls cut holes on the bags to shove their legs through and wear the bag as you would a leotard. The origin of this crazy fashion statement seems to have stemmed from two Taiwanese models named Teddy Captain and Belle Xie, who tried the bags on to see if their torso would fit. They posted the results online and with the power of social media, eventually, even photos of men, pets and babies wearing the plastic bag onesies from other countries made their way on the internet. This takes re-cycling to a new level but maybe a happy compromise between the best pyjamas and a plastic bag would be our cotton Retro funzee onesie.