Onesie Craze Still Big Down Under

Onesie Craze

The onesie craze that hit the UK big in 2013 also rippled 12,000 miles away to the far side of the world. In both Australia and New Zealand the onesie has become a big seller, especially those animal costumes like our funzoo range. In the UK and USA, we associate the onesie with winter demand as a response to cold weather. So maybe a bit surprising that it’s big in Oz where even in winter the temperature rarely drops to the onesie warning level. But the onesie craze is following the UK model with the garment becoming popular for charity raising. For example in Wellington NZ last week they held Onesie Day, the launch of Wellington Free Ambulance’s annual appeal. Wellington Lions players, the boss of NZ Fire Service, and NZ Police District Commander, all joined in the fund raising in their onesies. Incidentally, it’s a bit of a shock as you enter Wellington airport as there is a great animatronic of Smaug the dragon coming out of the wall. The area around Wellington was used for filming scenes in both The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.

Thanks to the onesie craze our friends down under have also had a go at taking the Onesie World Record. Daily Telegraph of Australia reported that last Tuesday more than 700 Pymble Ladies’ College students and staff gathered to try and beat the current record for the highest number of people gathered in one place wearing onesies. Students who organised this fun pyjama party said that whilst they did not break the World Record (which stands at 1184 people) they considered the day a success in raising awareness for their house charity. According to the Guinness World Records website the largest gathering of people wearing one-piece pyjamas consists of 1,184 participants and was achieved by Ringwood School (UK) in Ringwood, Hampshire, United Kingdom, on 14 February 2014. To keep this onesie craze going perhaps we could burn a donkey onesie and put the ashes in a little urn and have schools in Australia and UK compete somehow for this trophy. Please send in any printable ideas. We could call it the Asses series.