Stag Do Essentials

Cowboy Stag do in Funzee Onesies

A stag do used to mean going to your local with a few friends. As we have got wealthier and now marry later, more men look to do something special or to turn their stag do in to a long week-end in a foreign city. Travel money specialist No.1 Currency, recently calculated the cheapest places in Europe to have a stag do. They compared the cost of a typical basket of ‘stag do essentials’ across various European cities. This included a return flight, one night’s stay in a youth hostel, a pint of beer, a fry up, a Big Mac, entry to a nightclub, a ticket to a football match and a taxi ride.

The Slovakian capital of Bratislava offers the cheapest party with fantastic value at just £96. Compare that with spending a massive £302 for the same experience if you head off to the Spanish party island of Ibiza, or just over £200 if you opt for Magaluf. The downside of Dublin is the cost drinks, with a pint at £3.45 more than four times the price of the 87p pint in Prague, and over three times more than £1.04 a pint cost in Bratislava. Berlin generally comes out as one of Europe’s cheapest capital cities but is the most expensive city to watch a local football match with tickets to see Hertha BSC costing £70.83.

Simon Phillips, Head of Retail for No1. Currency, commented: “Eastern Europe offers some of the best value for money, with cities such as Bratislava, Tallinn and Budapest boasting cheap accommodation, club entry, and perhaps most importantly, cheap pints.”

Amsterdam and Barcelona have perhaps been top choices in the past but now with more cheap flights available to Eastern Europe they can look forward to welcoming British stag parties. And if you are wondering what to wear, what about our Festival Funzee. You can wear it for the full 48 hours, fall over in it, sleep in it, and then make new friends on the return flight home.