Funzee Onesies as Sleepwear

Wash those onesie pyjamas often

The Huffington Post recently reported on “11 reasons why you should consider sleeping naked” so to help the debate here are 5 reasons to use Funzee onesies as sleepwear.

First off, you want to feel warm in bed. Ideally the bedroom should feel cool, but you should have that nice “nesting” feeling of being snug ans safe in bed, that was bought from Wearing an all in one sleep suit ensures that your whole body is cosy.

Research shows that creating a relaxing bedtime routine helps you to sleep. So slip in to your Funzee onesie, read a couple of pages of 50 shades of boredom and wind down. Don’t force your self to try and sleep. If you are not tired than do something else. In a Funzee you can relax in the sitting room, walk the dog, write that book, mud wrestle, then when you are tired climb straight in to bed.

Not all of us can sleep right through the night. There are all sorts of reasons why we might need to get up in the dark and cold. If you are wearing a Funzee, getting up in the middle of the night isn’t such a shock so that getting back to sleep should be easier.

Funzee pyjamas can be used as sleepwear or day wear. That means that when you wake up you can be ready to start your day. A quick brush of the teeth, grab the car keys and you’re off. None of that dressing in boring old work clothes, worrying about what to wear. Pyjama fashion is in, the Guardian says so, which means its OK to take the kids to school in your funzee onesie.

Wear one of our cotton adult onesies. Cotton is a natural, breathable fabric that has been used for centuries. Read about the advantages of cotton. It helps the body to regulate its temperature. And with our Funzee socks you can choose whether to keep your feet extra warm in bed or whether to just use them as house socks.