Sexy to wear Pyjamas to Bed?

Wear sexy wizard onesie pyjamas to bed

Fashion week in New York confirms that the dishevelled look, the not trying too hard, — the one you naturally have fresh “out of bed, almost like you didn’t have time to get ready, putting an elastic on your hair and running out the door.” is bang on trend. But it begs the question, should you wear pyjamas to bed or something sexier? Here is a genuine? heart-warming agony aunt letter from Winnipeg that seeks to answer that question – thanks to our friends in Canada :

“DEAR MISS LONELYHEARTS: I like to wear pyjamas to bed and my new girlfriend thinks it’s “sucky-baby.” Those were her exact words last night after we had sex and cuddled for half an hour. I got out of bed to put on my pyjamas and buttoned them up to the top because my shoulders get cold.

She admits she wears T-shirts to bed at home, but when she’s at my place she wears the sexy stuff for sex. Great! I love it. But after all is said and done, can’t we put on our pyjamas, T-shirts, whatever, and cuddle up to go to sleep for the night? Why do I have to take flak for wanting to be warm when I sleep? It would look stupid to wear the top without the bottoms and I need the top. I am 19 and she is 20. — Mocked for Pyjamas, Winnipeg

Dear Mocked: There is a sexier solution: turn up the heat and you can both sleep in the nude. The sweet thing about sleeping that way is the sensual feeling of each other’s skin as you change sleeping positions. Then there’s the likelier chance you’ll wake up in the middle of the night ready to have another lovemaking session without having to wrestle off two sets of clothes.

Still want those shoulders covered? Pyjamas do look a bit kiddish, so wear a T-shirt and boxers and she can still feel your bare legs and arms while you sleep. This relationship is new and she has high standards for sex and romance before, during and after. Dump the PJs and she’ll probably pack her usual sleeping gear for sleepovers along with the sexy outfits, but don’t discourage her sexy lingerie, whatever you do. That would be just plain foolish.”

Who said Canada was boring? I think we all know that Mocked for Pyjamas needs our Wizard Funzee.