Political Pyjama Drama

Political Pyjama Drama - Cheat Day

Political Pyjama Drama hit the headlines this week as another retailer enraged the Twittersphere. This time it was New Look who have created “Cheat Day” pyjamas and a pair was found hanging in the stores 915 range the target market for which is young girls. The grey two piece set carries the slogan ‘cheat day’ alongside a picture of a slice of pizza implying perhaps that pizza should not be part of a daily diet. After all we noticed that it has been banned at Manchester City. Anyway, Twitter users were shocked when the photo was posted with comments such as “This is NOT ok. Great work, body shaming in children.” And “Can we all tell @NewLookFashion that 9 year olds shouldn’t even know what a ‘cheat day’ is? So wrong”. The story was quickly shared more than 5000 times including by JK Rowling, who has more than 7.8 million followers (wish we could JK to re-tweet something about Funzee). It also made it on to ITV News. New Look responded “The pyjamas in question are not part of our children’s range and are on sale in adult sizes only. It appears that they were mistakenly displayed in the wrong area in this instance and this has now been rectified….This item is an adult pyjama set and is intended as a tongue in cheek novelty item, reflecting current lifestyle trends. New Look has always taken its responsibility in promoting body confidence very seriously, particularly when it comes to our younger customers.”

This is the latest Political Pyjama Drama as you may remember last year we reported that gender politics had reached the pyjama world. Boys pyjamas were predominantly blue whilst girls pyjamas were largely, you guessed it, pink. We also noted how the “Ban the Jamm” movement is spreading as pyjamas are banned from certain public areas eg courtrooms, schools and supermarkets. It just goes to show how seriously people can take their pyjamas, or more likely how they worry about other people’s pyjamas. We suggest you play safe and get an adult onesie – no one can take that seriously.