Personalised Onesies for Hen and Stag Do

Pyjama Stories and Hen Nights

Hello magazine recently published tips for a successful hen night. One idea was to personalise the event as much as possible to make the experience truly unique. We also noticed research from specialist party agency Red7 which  found that the average cost per head for these kind of parties is now £160, compared to just £107 in 2004. And surprisingly it’s Stags who are the biggest spenders, having spent more per head than hens every year. No breakdown of spending was available but presumably with men its £60 on travel and entertainment plus £100 on booze whereas for women its the other way around.

Viki Sanders is a Travel Expert at Red Seven and she believes that changing hen and stag do trends have caused the change. No longer is it sufficient to get trashed in Brighton or Blackpool: “We’ve seen some huge changes in the things stags and hens ask for on their ‘last night of freedom’, from the length of their stay to where they go. Many now stay overnight or go abroad for a few days, rather than the traditional night out on the town. We’ve seen a huge increase in bookings for less conventional experiences, such as spa trips, dance lessons and cocktail-making classes, and the average event now lasts just under two nights – more than double that of 2004.”

If you are looking for the perfect falling over gear for a stag or hen do then consider personalised onesies. Our plain designs can be printed on and we could deliver in bulk to your nearest print shop. We don’t actually do the personalisation because its best if you get advice on what techniques work best and what the different costs are but T shirt printers are very common and they are usually helpful and turn around a design in a day or two. You could wear your personalised onesies for the whole two days and then have a ritual burning of them like a Viking burial.