Perfect Onesie Weather

Perfect onesie weather

Perfect onesie weather is cold and snowy so it tends to be a seasonal product, most popular in winter. But remember somewhere in the world it is winter. Whilst our media in the UK is full of advice about festival fashion, “down under” they have been grappling with the arrival of winter. In Fact, Australia is currently experiencing coldest start to winter in 40 years. The situation is so extreme that one in ten Australians have had to move their families into a warmer part of the house to sleep – even into one room – to beat the chill during frosty nights. We tend to associate Australia with sunshine, beaches and hot weather but some parts can drop to nearly freezing during the coldest winter nights and of course their housing isn’t equipped to keep the warmth in and the cold out like it is in Northern Europe.

A new survey there on behalf of Australian energy efficiency advice organisation Thinkinsulation has revealed the top ten ways Aussies stay warm in the house, with one in ten people donning a onesie. Many more admit to wearing their outside clothes such as gloves, beanies, scarves and jumpers, inside the house. Nearly 25 per cent of people surveyed said they wear thermal underwear during the colder months, while 40 per cent snuggle up to a loved one. More surprisingly, and don’t try this at home kids, 15 per cent of people admitted they have left the oven door open for some extra warmth whilst one in ten have resorted to tumbling their clothes in the dryer to heat them up before being worn.

And while we are talking about those crazy Aussies and their perfect onesie weather, The Huffington Post reports an auction on Australian eBay for a limited edition ‘Wondersuit’ onesie from Australian brand Bonds has ended at over AUD 60,000. That’s £30,000 in real money, for a normal looking  babygrow that should retail with a £10 price tag – winter madness?