Festival Onesie is also Essential

Festival Onesie wearer

You know we are going to say that our festival onesie is all you need but there has also been much good advice over the past few weeks from those offering festival fashion tips or festival essentials. We are offered futuristic festival looks from The Muse (the website not the band). While attending Electric Daisy Carnival New York this summer, they came up with this list of ideas for contemporary EDM festival ravers to step up their style. From TLE website we have the top ten mens sunglasses which are essential for festivals. As they say, when it comes to festivals, sunglasses are probably at the bottom of your to-do list. Irish site TV3 offers  festival essentials for men. Apparently “the first thing you should be packing is your hand sanitiser.” In fact staying clean and avoiding the smell of massed, unwashed humanity at festivals seems to be a popular topic for advice. Whereas we love the smell of neighbours in the morning. The Daily Express has 8 best festival essentials and leads with Vera Wang Hippie Princess Eau De Toilette £50 for 50ml, available nationwide – With a blend of exotic fruits (red mango) and gentle florals (white freesia and lotus flower), this perfume embodies everything about a free-spirited woman. Spray on and imagine you’re skipping through a meadow. Now it’s confusing, is that more essential than my hand sanitiser or £190 sunglasses?

According to MTV “Last year, you couldn’t move a foot through the crowd at Hangout Fest without bumping into someone wearing a flower crown, but this year, it’s all about the metallic tattoos.” A theme taken up by bloggers who reckon temporary transfer tattoos can make any outfit exciting – they haven’t seen my wardrobe, it will take more than a temp. tattoo. And if any of you are getting a bit cynical about festival essentials, this article from marketing magazine maybe helps to explain why. Brands “are now playing an important role in shaping the content at festivals as they attempt to connect and entice the lucrative and influential millennial and Gen Y audience.” So beware of that festival essential or festival fashion advice, it may just be about product promotion; just buy a festival onesie instead.