Onesies are for life not just for Christmas

Onesies are for life - Bridal Onesie

Only a few years ago onesies were just for babies but now, thanks to the adult onesie revolution, onesies are for life. You can start off as a new born with some cute slogan on your onesie, go to sleepovers in a onesie, take one to university, get married in one and, when the time comes, pass on peacefully in your sleep. Not the same onesie obvs. as you will need to progress to an adult onesie at some stage. But beware you are talking about the same thing – loose onesie talk can affect lives. In some parts of the world a onesie is a different garment. Here is an article for students about not wearing a onesie if you want to get laid, but the garment in question is probably what we would call a jumpsuit so its OK, you can get laid in a onesie although admittedly the zipper may slow you down a bit.

Just to show onesies are for life, here is a heart warming story of a couple who decided to get married in onesies. A couple from Scunthorpe threw tradition out of the window and both wore onesies when they tied the knot at their local civic centre. Many of their family, friends and even the DJ joined in with comfortable all-in-ones If you want to follow suit we have just the thing. Our polar funzee is plain white polar fleece, perfect for the modern bride. And if you want that complete “onesies are for life” wardrobe you could also get our Jet style which is plain black, just right for those sombre occasions. But a word of caution for any one getting married shortly. We noted that in Devon, friends on a hen party had to be rescued from their pleasure boat. They had hired the vessel on the River Dart, but became stuck fast in mud as the tide went out. The hens, who had arranged the day out before a relaxing dinner and drinks, had to be rescued by the local lifeboat men.