Beware the latest Horrible Halloween Ideas

Halloween Ideas Harlequin Onesie

Halloween celebrations seem to get bigger each year so here are some Halloween Ideas to get you ready for next week-end. The Telegraph suggested a play list for your Halloween party. Their musical Halloween ideas include classics like Ghost Town from The Specials and High way to Hell by AC/DC but their top two are Thriller from Michael Jackson, remember the zombie video, and Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers.  This time last year we looked at the history of Halloween. This year there seems to be an added twist with evil clowns becoming the latest anti-social phenomenon to hit our streets. And it’s an international phenomenon. The Daily Mail reported that US retailer Target has been removing clown masks from its shelves just weeks before Halloween. “We had a few masks in stores, which we began to pull last week,” a media representative of Target told ABC News. On the positive side, McDonald’s Corp announced that actors portraying its clown mascot, Ronald McDonald, would keep a low profile as a result of the ‘current climate.’ The BBC noted that anyone spooked by recent “creepy clown” incidents might want to avoid central Copenhagen on Halloween, as dozens of them will be on the loose in what seems a fairly risky game. Apparently about 50 clowns will be wandering around as part of a clown catching competition, with cash prizes on offer for the participants who catch the most. In Canada the rise of offensive costumes has led some institutions to issue guidance on what is acceptable. The student union at Brock University in Ontario, recently prepared a list of prohibited costumes for students at its Halloween event. The list features any form of headdress, costumes that mock suicide or rape, those depicting transgender activist Caitlyn Jenner, or outfits featuring a culture’s traditional attire. Then we see a warning has also been issued against using decorative lenses as part of fancy dress costume this Halloween as they could cause blindness, eye scratches, infections and other eye problems. So, hey, let’s be careful out there, we don’t want any horror stories.

There is also plenty of good advice around if you need Halloween fun ideas for a costume. Vogue suggested 17 iconic pop culture combos across television and film for you and a friend to wear to that Halloween event. And if you want to be a friendly clown you could buy our traditional Harlequin adult onesie. At just £19.95 we must be having a laugh.