Onesies for your Hen Night

Hen Nights

The Radio Times this week tells us that today on Coronation Street Gail McIntyre’s hen night is ruined when Erica Holroyd arrives back in town to pay a surprise visit.  This led us to think about the most common mistakes you can make when planning a hen night. After all it is supposed to be a chance for the hen’s best friend to show how well she knows the hen and how well loved the hen is.  You want to be sure that everyone involved has a fun and memorable celebration with their much loved bride-to-be:

Don’t think the evening has to involve humiliating sexual games for the bride. Just because men do it doesn’t mean women have to, so think twice about that stripper and remember that Grandma may be there. And just because stag nights are judged by how drunk you get doesn’t mean hens have to do the same. You want to remember this as a special occasion so why bother spending a day, night or weekend with your best friends if the main purpose is to get so drunk none of you will remember.

Do remember food. Eating provides an opportunity for the group to break some ice, get to know the strangers who are part of the gathering, pace yourselves, and keep up the energy levels. Do take care over the guest list so that no best friends or close relatives are snubbed. And find out some basic information about each person likely to attend, for example their age and relationship to the hen and what kind of activities they might not engage in. Think about some fun attire you can all wear so that you look part of the same crew – you know we are going to suggest onesies for your hen night. Our Cute funzee would be ideal as its 100% cotton so warm enough in winter but cool enough for a summer event. And if you can get a group together we may be able to offer a volume discount so why not think about onesies for your Hen Night and get in touch now if you are planning a celebration.