Big Onesie News

Big Onesie News from Crufts Dog Show

A couple of interesting big onesie news stories caught our eye this week. Of course, in the USA the big onesie news is that Katy Perry has decided to start selling a shark onesie. Katy Perry’s halftime performance at the Super Bowl has been remembered for one thing: Left Shark. People loved his or her laissez faire attitude to choreographed dance, and so they were forever immortalised in internet meme history. That has apparently lead to a huge demand for Left Shark onesies? Or that’s what Katy Perry’s management is banking on anyway, as she now has a range of merchandise honouring the privileged position that Left Shark has in music history. That onesie will set you back $129.99 but there is also a bargain Tshirt. Luckily Funzee will be introducing our own range of animal onesies shortly at the bargain price of £24.95.

In the UK this week we have had the most famous dog show in the world – Crufts, and it may have just got a lot more famous as allegations of murder arise. If you thought dog showing was a gentile past time for ladies in the Shires, these revelations come as something of a shock. What we found also surprising was how many of the entrants turned up in onesies and other doggy garments. Nearly 5,000 dogs arrived at Crufts with many dressed in bibs, snoods and sparkly outfits. But patterned onesies seem to be the rage this year, with these perfect examples of the canine world wearing them looking as bemused as a super model with a bacon sandwich. Caroline Kisko, secretary of the Kennel Club, said dog onesies are popular with owners because they “keep them clean”. “They tend to wear them on the way in – they don’t want the dogs to become filthy,” she said. Crufts attracts competitors from all over the globe and has been declared the largest dog show in the world by the Guinness World Records. While there are numerous competitions within the four-day show, the key trophy that every owner has their eye on is the title Best In Show. The event also had a booth for the first time that allowed pets to take their own selfies, operated by a pressure activated mat. Crufts was founded by Victorian businessman Charles Cruft, in 1886, with the first event advertised as the “First Great Terrier Show” and 600 entries. The Daily Mirror published 10 interesting things about Crufts for those of you who want to do further research.