Onesie for All Occasions

Onesie for All Occasions even the office

Is there no end to the uses of a onesie garment? Recent announcements show that there really is a onesie for all occasions: news this week of what is claimed to be the UK’s first ‘adventure-ready onesie’. The ‘Puddle Suit’ is an all-in-one waterproof, windproof, onesie, which has been designed by the British clothing brand Regatta. They did some research amongst potential consumers and found that well over three quarters (77%) of UK adults in the sample feel they have completely lost their sense of adventure, with a further 13% claiming the very thought of adventure scares them. The survey identified that a fear of the elements plays a large part in this mind-set with over half (52%) stating they are put off going outside if it is too cold, raining (30%) or muddy (23%). Maybe the sample was taken in the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Jemma Volp-Fletcher from Regatta explains, “Whilst we might have produced some of the greatest adventurers of all time from Sir Ranulph Fiennes to Strictly’s Steve Backshall, most of us can’t be bothered to go beyond our own front door. Kids on the other hand enjoy adventures every single day, and have been wearing our Puddle Suits for years, so we thought why not make an adult sized one.”

Not sure about using the term puddle suit for on line searches, might be better to call it an “out for a runsie”.

And then from San Francisco, appears a revolution in clothing for the modern gentleman; just imagine looking like a City gent but feeling like you’re dressed in your pyjamas! The Suitsy is a jacket connected to a shirt connected to trousers — the lovechild of a business suit and a onesie! False shirt-cuff material extends from the end of the jacket sleeves to look like a complete dress shirt worn underneath. A zip is hidden behind the shirt-button placket (with false buttons). The prototype was promoted on BetaBrand  and development is being crowdfunded. So you really can get a onesie for all occasions – fun, versatile, comfy, practical, professional, elegant, sophisticated. Coming soon our own Tuxedo onesie?